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    World of Remnant is an AU, post-Volume 3 roleplay. Opened in February of 2016, World of Remnant diverges from the Volume 3 storyline around the Fall of Beacon, with storyline changes that drive our site in a different direction. We constantly update with new canons as they are revealed in the RWBY series, as well as lore updates as we learn more about Remnant's world. We boast an expanded lore and a dedicated administrative team that gives depth to Remnant for a roleplay perspective.

    With an 18+ community, World of Remnant boasts an atmosphere of 'quality over quantity' in our apps, posts, and plots; we have no word count, though it is expected that members will post healthy and thorough posts without being locked down by the dreaded 'word count' of their post. With a simplified combat system that uses no stats, World of Remnant remains a story-focused, alternate-universe timeline with RWBY canons and a plethora of original characters.

    06.16.2018: We've added more than a few new things as of the past day or so! Make sure you check out the Advertising Contest, and while you're at it, take a look at our latest Site Newsletter. The newsletter has a lot of information that was added, so if you haven't checked it out, make sure you do so you're up to date on things!

    06.07.2018: After much long and arduous work, World of Remnant has finally revealed its newest skin, called Let's Just Live. The new skin is part of a fresher, more advanced layout compared to our old layout, while still retaining the readability and contrast our other layouts were well-known for. There are three more skins planned for the next series: This Life Is Mine, featuring Weiss Schnee, Like Morning Follows Night featuring Blake, and Armed And Ready featuring Yang. We do not have any tentative release dates for these upcoming skins, but stay tuned for them regardless!

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    The second term has begun at all academies, and after a short break between terms, students are gearing up to attend the 41st Vytal Festival. This year, it is hosted on the neutral island of Vytal, as opposed to being hosted in one of the four Kingdoms.
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    RWBY universe belongs to Monty Oum and the team at RoosterTeeth Productions. All original characters belong to their respective owners.

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† Narrator
 Posted on: Feb 1 2017, 10:06 PM

Hello there, and welcome to World of Remnant. We thank you for our interest in our site, and welcome you to our lovely community! Here, you will find our Getting Started Guide, which will guide you through the necessary areas of the site in order for you to get started and start making a character. But first, a few fun facts about our site!
  • We allow canons! Yes, you heard that correctly -- our site allows for both canon characters from the series as well as original characters to be played. This also includes canon or special roles, such as Silver Valkyries and Maidens as playable characters.

  • We are Premium! Our site's rating is 3-2-3, on the RPG-Rating scale; this means that we have a high language rating, a moderate sexual content rating, and a high violence rating. More on this is detailed in our rules; however, this also means that our site is 18+ only.

  • We have a wide range of characters! In other words, we have very little restrictions in terms of where a character can be from, as well as no restrictions on sexuality or gender. This goes for players, too -- we have a zero tolerance policy for poor behaviour or blatant discrimination.

  • Solid foundation! World of Remnant has been open since February 2016, when Volume 3 ended. We have continued on through the hiatus -- and through Chibi's first season -- and we hope to continue as the RWBY volumes continue to go on. So long as there are members who want to roleplay, our staff team will remain vigilant and upkeep the site to allow for this.

  • Periodic updates! As new information, areas, and canon characters show up in the series, we too make room for them here on World of Remnant. Although we are set after Volume 3 with an AU (alternate universe) timeline, we make a concerted effort to work new canons in among whatever original characters may have taken their roles, and in turn make them playable characters whenever possible.

  • Cbox Pro! On top of our custom URL, we are also subscribed to TWO Cbox Pro subscriptions, allowing for us to have multiple IC and OOC chats. Why, you ask? Well, think of it this way -- how crazy would it get if there were 30+ people all trying to talk in a single box? Yup -- pretty crazy, and a few conversations would get steamrolled. This way, people can move their conversations into the other OOC chats (and we can always create more if necessary!) without feeling like they're being steamrolled by other conversations. One box just gets far too crowded sometimes! For our IC, this allows for multiple IC scenes to happen at once, without crowding one box with multiple ongoing scenes.

01: Required Reading

Before we get into the process to making a character, or even deciding on a character, let's start with the RULES. These are the guidelines for behaviour which we expect all members to adhere to. We do not have a specific warning system in place for behaviour, as each situation differs from player to player and situation to situation. One thing to always keep in mind is that if a staff member asks you to stop, then you stop. That is usually the first sign that something is not going well, and as staff it is our duty to keep that under control. If we tell you to take it to PM or off-site, then we humbly ask that you do so. Some conversations are simply not suitable for a public space like the cbox.

Secondly, let's get started with the FAQ. This is a very important thread, as many questions have often been asked already multiple times, and their answers can be found here. Keep this thread handy, as you may want to reference it in later portions of this guide. Always, always, ALWAYS check the FAQ before asking a question. If the answer to your question is located in the FAQ, then we will likely direct you there for your answer; it's best to save yourself (and the staff) the trouble of doing so.

Thirdly, let's move on to the LORE. But wait! I know a lot about RWBY, I don't need this information! WRONG! Much of the lore on World of Remnant is an expanded version to give the setting more depth beyond what has been presented in the show. Much of this content is staff-created to serve as a baseline for character creation and for a well-rounded roleplay atmosphere. It gives you a starting point to work from for each kingdom and for the factions that exist. This reading is certainly required! From there, check out the PLOT to make sure you’re up to date on site events that have happened, as these events may affect your character’s history.

02: Character Creation

Finally! Now that you've read through everything you need to, you can get started with your character. Why have we asked you to wait until this point before thinking about it? Well, this way you can start tweaking ideas as you go along, and finalize it with this section.

First off, are you looking for a canon or original character? If you're looking for a canon, check the AVAILABLE CANONS LIST to know which canons are available. If a name is in that list, then it is open for play. If they aren't, then they are taken! Simple as that. From there, perhaps you should check out the REQUESTS AND ADOPTABLES forum; someone may have a request up that you could be interested in, or a character that is similar to what you had in mind, so why not pick them up as a request?

If you're looking at an original character, then there is a few other questions involved. Are they a student, graduate, White Fang, or a citizen? (Yes, we allow citizen characters!) Are you undecided? That's totally fine! Regardless, you're going to want to check the TEAM LISTING to see where your character could fit. We always recommend placing characters on existing teams. Keep in mind however that some teams may have small plot or face claim requests to go along with them, so you should check with someone else on that team (or with a staff member) to see if that is the case. If not, great! Joining existing teams allows for fairly immediate plots with other team members, so it is always recommended over starting your own team.

From there, let's take a look at the FACE CLAIMS. If you have a particular face in mind, then this will be where to check to make sure they aren't taken.

From there we can look at the CHARACTER TEMPLATE. There are two parts to the application process: CHARACTER PAGE and COMBAT PAGE. They are separated because in the past we have found it far too difficult to spend extra time reviewing and helping people with their Semblance to a point that it hindered roleplaying. As a result, weapons and Semblance have been kept separate from the rest of the applications. Civilians do not require a combat application unless they have combat capability.

First and foremost, start with the character page. Every character starts with a name -- please remember that we do follow Monty's Colour Naming Rules, which you can find linked in the rules section. Another thing to consider -- while yes, it is plausible that people can and will have the same name, we recommend staying away from duplicate names, purely for the sake of avoiding confusion when talking about characters.

With the character application, you will detail your character's appearance, personality, and history. Keep in mind we are looking for a BRIEF OVERVIEW, particularly in the history. Something to keep in mind for your character histories -- be concise. Get to the point. We don't ask for a lot of thorough detail, and sometimes, leaving things vague can be better; if we need more information, we'll ask for it. Lastly, keep in mind that additions can be made to your character's backstory via later edits run by staff, or through journals and roleplay. Short, sweet, to the point is the best way to go about your histories.

While working on your character page, keep in mind that we do not allow the posting of work in progress applications. If you would prefer to work on your application on-site, then you may post it in the TEST BOARD in a personal test thread of your own. Once it is completed, you may post it in the CHARACTER PAGES board.

After that, we can move on to the COMBAT PAGE. This is where you will detail your character's Semblance and weapon. Keep in mind this application is separate from the character page, so you can put it up any time after your character page is completed. Once your character page is accepted, your character can participate in social threads; once their combat page is accepted, they may then participate in combat threads. Participating in threads with no accepted application is prohibited, and participating in combat threads (this includes even basic use of a character's Semblance!) without an accepted combat application is prohibited.

But before we get too far into that, let's go over to the TAKEN SEMBLANCES page. Make sure to go through the spoilers to make sure your character's semblance isn't already taken to streamline the process a little bit for you! Now, keep in mind -- similar semblances are okay. For example -- let's say you want a multi-use semblance like the Schnee family glyphs. While you can't use magic circles as the medium (given that's what glyphs already are), you can use another method; perhaps you use tarot cards, or runes, or something along those lines. Similarities are okay, but direct copies are not. Wording is everything when creating a Semblance!

Once you've looked through the Taken Semblances, you can post your Combat App in the COMBAT ABILITIES forum. Combat apps, though merged with the regular apps upon acceptance, are handled separately in terms of reviews, as a means to streamline the application process. You may post your combat app before your regular app is accepted, but you must post your regular application up for review before your combat app.

Once you've got your Combat App accepted, you can move on to your COMBAT PAGE. Yes, they are two different things! Take the third template, and post it in a new topic in the Combat Abilities forum. Make sure you post it in the appropriate subforum for your character! This is where you'll detail your character's combat abilities and their upgrades. To get started on that, you'll want to go to the UPGRADES area. Here, you can apply for as many combat abilities and upgrades as you would like; however, you may only add as many of these upgrades or abilities to your combat page as you have the BP for. Upon registering your character's account, you will be sent your starter BP within the first little while of being accepted, but you can see how much Starter BP you'll get based on the SHOP thread.

To purchase the slots for your combat abilities or your upgrades, head over to the SHOP (which you can also find in the upper right hand corner). Make sure you've used the account switcher to switch to your character's account! If you go under each section, you'll be able to see the prices of everything, and you can also buy things in bulk! Once you've purchased, leave the items in your inventory (don't use them!) as this will track how many slots you have. If you purchase the wrong one, don't fret! You can sell it back to the shop for a full refund to purchase the right one.

03: Plotting

So you've got your character accepted, and perhaps your combat application as well -- now it's time to get down to plotting. If you haven't quite got there yet, check out the TEAM LISTING to see which character(s) may be able to roleplay with your character. Second -- start with the cbox! Our cbox is a great way to get some basic plots going, and we even have a separate cbox specifically for plotting itself! The cbox is a great way to get started in the community and get to know people, and if you ask just about anyone, that's where the best plots tend to be conceived.

From there, though, you can also look at the PLOT PAGES, and look at getting one up yourself as well! From there, you can start PMing members, or start an open thread, or look for other open threads; but the biggest thing is talking to people. With a site as large as we are, plots don't just fall into your lap; plots come by talking to people, hashing out details, and figuring out just how two (or more!) characters can work together.


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